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DEC in Broad-Based Community Trusts

DEC, a beneficiary in various BEE / Broad-Based Community Trusts

The sole beneficiary of the ApexHi Properties Limited BEE Trust.

DEC has had the privilege of being:

A beneficiary of the Letsema Sizwe Broad-Based Community Trust in Murray and Roberts Limited for a period of 5 years, during which DEC’s beneficiary organisations accessed funds to implement projects that benefited South Africans with disabilities at grassroots level.

A beneficiary of the Nedbank Eyethu Corporate Scheme Trust and freely held 125,415 shares in the Nedbank Group Limited, one of the big four banking groups in South Africa.

A 4% beneficiary of the Trust of the Lion Consortium and held an effective 3,66% of the equity in Telkom Limited.