The beneficiaries of DEC are persons with disabilities who access their benefits through a range of services, projects and programmes offered by six (6) Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs) concerned with the needs, interests and well-being of people with disabilities in the Republic. The PBOs target persons with visible and invisible disabilities, those who are in business, cooperatives, are employed, unemployed, are in care facilities and those in schools including various institutions of learning nationally.

Empowerment of DEC beneficiaries occurs through

  • Self-representation in various platforms and forums
  • Advocacy for rights, inclusion, integration and mainstreaming
  • Employer support regarding disability awareness, inclusion and facilitate the provision reasonable accommodation.
  • Awareness raising on human rights, entitlements and benefits including how to claim them.
  • Facilitate the training and capacity building of people with disabilities.

The following six (6) PBOs are the beneficiary organisations to whom DEC Trust makes its distributions. For more information on each organisation, follow the links below.


DEC’s policy is to distribute yield and reinvest all capital so that DEC’s vision and strategic objectives can be realised.

  • In 2004, DEC’s initial distributions totalling R2.1 million were disbursed among seven beneficiary organizations.
  • Distributions are paid twice a year, and all beneficiary organisations receive an equal amount.
  • To date, R181,247,000 has been distributed to beneficiary organizations.